by Kevin Dicciani

Four Chestnut Hill businesses – The Hill Company, Villavillekula, Isabella Sparrow, and Threadwell – are the winners of Philadelphia Magazine’s 2015 “Best of Philly” awards, an immense annual compilation of the very best offered by the city and the suburbs.

The Hill Company, 8040 Germantown Avenue, won its second “Best of Philly” award for Best Outdoor Furniture; Villavillekula, 8135 Germantown Ave., was recognized for Best Children’s Boutique; Isabella Sparrow, 8511 Germantown Ave., for Best Farmhouse Knickknacks; and Threadwell, 8431 Germantown Ave., for Best Monogram.

For the owners, the “Best of Philly” award validates all the time and hard work they’ve invested in their businesses.

“I am so incredible happy to have the Hill Company recognized as ‘Best of Philly’ for outdoor furniture,” said Hill Company owner Linda Moran. “It validates for me, personally, all of my efforts to make the Hill Company what it is today — an excellent, nationally recognized outdoor furniture store.”

Villavillekula owner Beth Milley echoed that same sentiment, adding that she was “thrilled” upon hearing the news.

“It’s really validating for me, since this a new venture and a different type of retail experience, to be doing something that gets recognized, that people appreciate,” Milley said. “I was hoping that the spirit I brought into the store would get recognized, so it’s great. And it’s good for the town as well, as we grow as a retail sector.”

Molly Ellis, the owner of Threadwell, said the award was a “nice surprise.” Ellis also said, like Milley, that the award not only shines bright on her business, but the entire neighborhood.

“It’s an honor to be recognized,” Ellis said, “especially since it’s a reflection of the unique character of Chestnut Hill and its businesses.”

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