Thank You, Priscilla

On the occasion of Priscilla Sands’ departure this spring from Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, those of us who lead other schools and institutions in this community would like to express our admiration and gratitude.

As Head of School, Priscilla led the process that brought Springside and Chestnut Hill Academy together as SCH, and it is stronger, more diverse, and better equipped to prepare students for the world today. This was no small accomplishment.

Moreover, SCH’s integration into the life of this community has been profound. Priscilla dissolved the walls of the school and nurtured partnerships with all of us, furthering our shared passions for the creative power of the arts, the beauty of nature, the wellness of body and mind, the value of citizenship, and the spiritual journey of life. Thank you, Priscilla. You will be missed, but know that your Chestnut Hill friends wish you well in your California adventure.

Sister Mary Helen Beirne, Norwood Fontbonne Academy

John Cacciamani, Chestnut Hill Hospital

Maura McCarthy, Friends of the Wissahickon

Paul Meyer, Morris Arboretum

Tim Muessle, Philadelphia Cricket Club

Lori Salganicoff, Chestnut Hill Historical Society

Sister Carol Jean Vale, Chestnut Hill College

William Valerio, Woodmere Art Museum

Needs help paying for funeral of teen

Emily Jean Aiello is my niece. She had severe Cerebral Palsy and was basically quadriplegic. She had multiple hospitalizations and surgeries all her life. She had three surgeries just this year, all with the goal to improve her quality of life. Her last surgery was May 5, 2015. She had complications and died May 18 at 14 years old. After death she donated organs to give life to other children. My brother and sister-in-law have struggled financially for years, and now they have to pay for her funeral. Please donate whatever you feel comfortable with. Please email me at, or write to me at 7447 Hill Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19128.

Any checks should be made out to Christopher and Krista Aiello, the parents of Emily. Thank you kindly.

Louis F. Aiello, 2nd