What’s usually in a suitcase? Your essential belongings when you travel, right? With your help, Teenagers Inc.’s 50-pound suitcases will carry crucial supplies for the underprivileged families we will serve in Guatemala. Teenagers Inc. is a local nonprofit organization that indulges in community service year-round in Philadelphia and Camden.

Is it possible for a group of teenagers to make a difference in a small impoverished country? Yes! Teenagers, Inc. is comprised of a group of teens who believe that we live in one world and we are all one world community responsible for supporting those who have less than we do.

This year, as we have done in the past six years, 18 teens and seven chaperones will adventure to Guatemala on July 1 for a 10-day trip, five of those being volunteer days. Our service projects in Guatemala will include building five homes, conducting vegetable and clothing distribution, serving meals in a homeless shelter, hugging malnourished babies and working with school children.

However, despite our plans to improve the lives of a small community in Guatemala, we realize that we will need some help. We are asking for your support.

We have worked hard for six months to raise money, collect supplies and intermingle with each other in order to go on the trip. We are thankful for the overwhelming support and donations we have already received from our local community.

One of the requirements for the trip was for each teen to pack a large suitcase (50 pounds) filled with an assortment of donations. These donations include art and school supplies, medical and dental equipment, medicines, vitamins, tools for building, small bottles of toiletries, and children and women’s clothes and shoes.

And donations are crucially needed for the Casa Jackson Malnutrition Center, such as small diapers, formula, wipes, rash cream, baby shampoo and soap, especially since a recent flood and mudslide ruined the center.

Due to the number of teens and suitcases that are going, we have a large sum of money to raise to pay for all of them. We would appreciated it if you would sponsor us and contribute towards the required fees. We are asking you to “adopt a suitcase” for $40. If you are interested please mail your contribution to Teenagers,Inc., 105 Bethlehem Pike, Philadelphia, PA, 19118 or visit us at www.teensincphilly.org.

It is not too late to donate supplies either. Please help us to help those in need! You can drop off at Teen Center on Friday, June 19, or contact Arianna Neromiliotis at teenagersinc.director@gmail.com.

“If there was ever a time to dare to make a difference, to embark on something worth doing, it is now.” (Author unknown)

Alysha Robertson and Anya Seehusahai

Teenagers Inc.

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