Bowman Properties extremely generous

We’d like to thank Bowman Properties and the Chestnut Hill community for its support over the past five months while we’ve enjoyed a tremendously successful presence on the Avenue. We want to assure all our supporters that we are continuing our mission to rescue cats and that we expect to be back on the Avenue in a Bowman Property sometime in the near future.

All good things must end, and what began as a one-month stay turned into a five-month occupation of a rental space. During that time, we’ve been honored with the Meritorious Service Award by the Chestnut Hill Community Association, have adopted out 58 cats, rescued close to 200 cats and welcomed over 5,000 people into our adoption center-. And we still have three weeks to go! Bowman Properties has been extremely generous to BCR, and we are very appreciative for this opportunity.

Thank you to The Chestnut Hill Local for its publicity and for continuing to run our cat adoption photos weekly. It is the height of kitten season, and we have many kittens and adults to place. We need adoptions and foster homes. Please help us.

Adoption events will resume at Bone Appetite and WeaversWay in Mt.Airy and other locations on weekends. Please check our website ( for details.Thank you to all who adopted, to those who donated money and supplies, to our passionate volunteers and to Bowman Properties, who gave us the opportunity of a lifetime.

Brenda Malinics

Brenda’s Cat Rescue

Chestnut Hill

Help save Cat Camp residents

You may have read in the June 4 Chestnut Hill Local that Brenda Malinics’ Cat Camp quarters at 8514 Germantown Ave. (near the top of the Hill) will be closing at the end of the month. It means that at least 26 cats and 42 kittens housed there will have no place to go.

Some background: Brenda’s Cat Rescue volunteers opened the camp during a blizzard the weekend of Jan. 30, and despite the brutal winter weather, it still attracted many cat lovers. By mid-February, they had adopted out 18 cats and were on a roll.

But now, they need to provide shelter for the remaining cats in residence, and quickly. If you can help by adopting, fostering, donating or volunteering, visit the web site

I’ve never met Brenda, but for years have oohed when I’d see a Local photo of one of her rescued cats needing a forever home. Hope you can help. You certainly can by spreading the word.

Marilyn Steeg

Blue Bell