Savors reading each Local issue

Appreciations of the Local and its contributors are too few, in my opinion. Thanks so much for all you do for us.

Whenever possible, I savor my reading of the Local. I put it where I can pick it up for a few minutes and then return later. I read page by page, article by article, until done. I grew up in a small town in Texas, and I love the way the Local’s plethora of offerings from our part of Philadelphia and beyond brings individuals, their stories and so many details of the community around us into focus.

Each issue brings me new enjoyment, including savoring regular columns like Michael Caruso’s reviews and Hugh Gilmore’s always delightful musings. It’s also a periodic treat to read to find another product of Susan Martel’s fine, big mind. And when Connie Garcia-Barrios shows up, as she did in the May 21 issue, with that lovely reflection on the challenges and joys of aging, I always perk up and smile as I read.

In addition, there was a new, strong and welcome presence: Patience Rage. I have been privileged to read some of her work in other places and was delighted to find her in the May 21 “Local Life.” Consistently, her stories speak in the strong, completely authentic voice of her heritage, filtered through the experience her own proud, clear soul. I hope you bring her to us again.

Thank you for being what you are, Chestnut Hill Local. Thanks for bringing us increasingly rich stories and perspectives and doing it week in, week out. We are very fortunate to have this paper in our lives.

Ellen Deacon

Chestnut Hill