Giving credit where it is due

Last week’s Local gave very nice coverage to the Re-Tree Initiative. There are so many individuals involved with this project that, in providing information for the article, I was careful about naming names because I didn’t want to leave out others. An unintended consequence was that there was a misunderstanding about who planted the trees along Germantown Avenue last fall.

This initiative has had a very active participant in Joe Ascenzi, and it was his company, Laurel Hill Gardens, that planted the trees last November. Joe, along with others, also put in the time last fall to walk the Avenue, identifying potential tree locations and recommending species. And it was Joe who took the time to go to two nurseries to walk the groves and tag the trees that would later come to reside in Chestnut Hill. Joe has been an invaluable participant in this effort.

When Phase I of the Re-Tree project is completed, we plan to give credit to everyone who has helped make this happen: volunteers, donors, property owners, and all. We are very excited at the progress, and pleased that so many in the community are expressing enthusiasm, with donations, and with compliments. Thank you, all.

Celeste Hardester

Community Manager CHCA

Project Manager,

Green Space Initiative

Should be on national news

The article about Gloria Struck (“Almost 90, she rides across U.S. each year on motorcycle,” May 21) is one of the most remarkable stories I have ever read. When I was in my 20s (30 years ago), I rode a motorcycle, but I was terrified much of the time. I gave it up after a serious accident on Kelly Drive when my bike fell on one of those curves on the Drive during a light rain.

I broke some bones and had some spinal damage, and my wife and mother basically told me there was no way I was ever going to ride that bike again, which was ruined in the crash.

How Gloria can be riding a Harley across the entire country at the age of 90 is a miracle. It is inconceivable to me. I hope God keeps taking care of her, and bless you for bringing us the story. It should be on the national news. What an inspiration!

Jeff Fraley

Lafayette Hill