CAT RESCUE FUNDRAISER: Vivienne and Kevin McCarthy of Mt. Airy are having their 9th annual Green Street Fur Fundraiser on Sunday, May 17, 1 p.m., at their home at 2 Leamy House, 115 Roumfort Rd. The donation is $35, which includes food and drink, live music and a fortune teller. The funds go to Green Street Rescue, which rescues and spays stray cats. Seen here is Vivienne’s cat Tango, a Green Street Rescue adoptee now in residence for over 9 years. More information at 215-247-5484. 
WEBER IS LOST: Weber is a mom who gave birth to kittens last April outdoors under a Weber grill. She was adopted from Brenda’s Cat Rescue a few months ago, but the family's 6-year-old took Weber outside to play, and the cat ran away from the 300 block of West Mt. Airy Ave. “We have been searching Mt. Airy and are beside ourselves,” said the adopting mother. Weber is a small brown and black tabby long-hair. More information at 215-872-1636.  
AN ABSOLUTE LOVE: Meet the lovely Zoe, a young tuxedo that was found on the streets of Philly. Zoe is an absolute love and is gentle with everyone. Rub her tummy, and she will purr non-stop while kneading the air. Save her sweet little soul from euthanasia. The tummy rubs must go on. Zoe is at a shelter in North Philly. She is vaccinated and will be spayed for adoption. For more information and a video, email