After article, a full theater for film

Terrific writing job and excellent layout of the story of circus animal abuse and showing of “Lion Ark” documentary (“Hill activist helping save lives of animals, big and small,” April 23).

You’d be glad to know that the Local’s strong coverage of this issue resulted in a full attendance at last Sunday’s Lion Ark showing at the Ambler Theatre.

Art Howe


Be careful on that run in the park

With the enjoyable spring weather, people are hiking, running, and walking in Valley Green again. I wanted to write to remind people, especially women, to be careful when exercising.

Definitely enjoy the park, but be careful. Every year there are physical and sexual assaults in the park. Here’s the advice we’re told to avoid that happening:

1. Always exercise with someone else, especially on the side trails.

2. Be alert when parking.

3. Be able to hear what’s happening around you, so be careful with headphones.

4. Exercise when there are many others in the park.

Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors who go to Valley Green to be safe. If you’re down in the park at an off-peak time and see a young woman alone, with headphones in, consider encouraging her to be cautious. Hoping for a safer park year.

Sarah Whitman

Chestnut Hill

Another awesome weird waste day

On Saturday, April 25, community members and businesses once again came to Norwood-Fontbonne Academy to recycle their “weird waste.”

We collected 8,924 pounds of computers, TVs, peripherals, and other electronic waste that will be responsibly recycled rather than ending up in a landfill or being sent to a developing nation. Since 2009 we have collected over 78 tons of electronic waste!

We would like to thank the following people who helped make this event, organized by Green in Chestnut Hill (GRinCH), such an amazing success: Norwood-Fontbonne Academy for donating the use of their driveway, eForce Compliance ( for their responsible recycling services, our volunteers, and especially all of the community members and businesses who came to recycle their electronic waste. Almost everyone made a donation toward our Green Warrior Student Grant Program too. Thank you!

Amy Edelman, President

Green in Chestnut Hill (GrinCH)

Congrats to Rekha

We would like to congratulate our Green Student Warrior Grant recipient, Rekha Dhillon-Richardson, for hosting the tremendously successful Girls Climate Summit on April 25 at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. Over 60 girls, ages 11-18, from across Philadelphia attended this day-long event which included presentations from local climate change experts and workshops on topics such as how to use social media to influence the climate change debate and how to craft an individual climate action plan. We are so proud of Rekha and so grateful to the Chestnut Hill Community for providing us with the donations to allow us to fund such projects.

GRinCH Board of Trustees

Amy Edelman, Noreen Spota, Linda Rauscher, Lana Corrales, Mansura Karim, Zeta Cross and Lee Meinicke