Depression lifted by reading article

Thanks for your terrific article about American Bandstand (April 16)! It was just what I needed as I have had complications with appendicitis, had just gotten out of the hospital, was quite depressed. Your article was very uplifting and has helped me through my crisis. I cannot thank you enough!!

Just like Len Lear, who wrote the article, I was brought up on American Bandstand. I lived in New York City and turned it on every day to learn the latest dances. And, like Len, I could not believe the simplistic reviews to every record. So I was hysterical to read your review of a “boring” recording. I can just picture Lear next to Justine Corelli and the like. He must have been the nerd and stood out like a sore thumb. What a riot!

By the way, I went to high school in Mt. Vernon, New York, attending A.B. Davis High School. where Dick Clark also went.

Thanks again.

Alice Farber

Retired art teacher


Takes issue with term ‘community theater’

Thank you so much for creating nice publicity for “The Golden Coach.” And also I appreciate you quoting me verbatim.

I do have one little problem with the way you related one part of your interview to the readers. You referred to The Stagecrafters as “a community” theater several times (in the very first sentence of your article and in several consecutive questions).

However, in my answering you by email, I explained at some length, immediately after you used the term “community” for the first time, that if there must be any qualifier, our theater should not be called “community” but “semi-professional.”

And all my subsequent answers were predicated on the notion that you already know what our status is. Actually, your article quoted what I said about our status as semi-professional, which was very gratifying, but in all the questions immediately following that statement, you reverted to calling us “community,” which was a little baffling to me. At that point some disconnect seems to have occurred.

I am mentioning this only because our theater’s specific designation is of importance to us.

Yaga Brady

The Stagecrafters

Chestnut Hill

Capture your story for Personal History Month

On behalf of the Association of Personal Historians ( and International Association of Story Keepers (, I wanted to alert your readers to the fact that May is Personal History Awareness Month.

As a kick-off, the Northwest Village Network (formerly Mutual Mt. Airy) leaders have asked me to speak on “The Importance of Capturing Your Life Story.” I have agreed to conduct a free program this Monday night at the Lovett Memorial Library, 6945 Germantown Ave. across from Germantown Home from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Case studies will be offered and resources handed out for those interested in capturing their story or that of a loved one.

During the month of May, I will be waiving my speaking fee for any church, nonprofit, or community organization that would be interested in this or a similar talk. It is my small way of giving back to the community and the many volunteers we have like those in NVN whose mission is to support and enrich the lives of those who wish to age in place in our community. I applaud their mission and look forward to a lively conversation.

Barb Sherf


Officials condone ‘senseless’ killing

Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer is informing the public that the 17th consecutive year of killing white tailed deer in Fairmount Park, including Wissahickon, Pennypack, West Park, Cobbs Creek and Tacony Parks, has ended with a total of 165 deer killed.

Agencies aiding this senseless killing of deer by both high-powered rifles and bow hunting are Friends of the Wissahickon, Fairmount Park Commission, Pennsylvania Game Commission and the City of Philadelphia/Mayor Michael Nutter.

PAD has met two times with Councilwoman, Cindy Bass who assured us she would assign a staff person to work with us on having a meeting with Michael DiBernardinis, Office of the Deputy Mayor, or another official with Parks and Recreation. To date no responses have been made by her office to our emails for such a meeting.

PAD has scientific proof that the more deer that are killed, the moreoffspring are born, and this is called the rebound theory. PAD will continue to speak up about this inhumane activity. We need more neighbors and friends to volunteer in this venture. You can contact me at for further information.

We ask that neighbors contact councilwoman, Cindy Bass at 215-686-3424 or post on her Facebook page or on Twitter@cmcbass.

Mary Ann Baron

Bridget Irons

Chestnut Hill