2015 CHCA Election Results-signed

The votes in the Chestnut Hill Community Association’s election for board of directors were counted yesterday and winners announced.

According to the final results, 220 ballots were cast and 28 were ruled ineligible. The results were approved and signed by Alan Gubernick and Joe LePera of St. Clair CPA Solutions, the CHCA’s auditing firm.

An email from CHCA administrative coordinator Noreen Spota went out to association members at 6:45 p.m. with the following explanation of the results:

“There are eight open 3-year CHCA Board seats. The top seven vote-getters are assigned to fill 3-year seats: Jack McMeekin, Dan Compton, Remy Pizzichini, Tony Reilly, Michelle Sage, Bob Boyer, and Drew Meschter.

“There was a tie between the 8th and 9th candidates, Julie Byrne and Andy Kite.

“The CHCA Election and Voting Procedures and CHCA Bylaws do not provide a process for handling such a tie. Therefore, the current Board of Directors will make a determination of the method to identify who will receive a 3-year term and who will receive a 1-year term.

“Laura Lucas and Karl Martin will fill 1-year seats.”

Three candidates did not earn enough votes to make the cut: Dan Pulka, Chris Padova and Walter Sullivan.

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