Hugh’s story a model memoir

As a personal historian and writer, I felt compelled to read Hugh Gilmore’s latest book titled “My Three Suicides: A Success Story.”

For those who have considered reading it, I can tell you it was a page turner and kept me up to 3 a.m. one night. The book will really hit home for anyone who has had alcohol abuse in their family.

As May is Personal History Awareness Month, I encourage others to try to capture their stories for themselves and their families.

I will be using Hugh’s story as a case study in an upcoming talk on April 27 at 7 p.m. at the Lovett Memorial Library on “The Importance of Capturing Our Stories.” Sponsored by the Northwest Village Network, the program is free and open to the community.

Kudo’s to Hugh for sticking with it and publishing a sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and always memorable memoir.

Barbara Sherf


TV ‘News’ geared to ‘dumb doofuses’

Thank you, “BBC World News,” for saving the Poconos from the bimbos, mimbos, talking heads and vaudeville routines of American-centric happy talk CNN and all the other ridiculous network clones who compete for the absolute dumbest doofuses out there, playing to the ever-diminishing lowest common denominator.

I need to be informed. That’s it. I want news and features from the real world – the entire real world – not just some overpaid, ratings-obsessed, snot-nosed news director’s tiny little giggly fantasy. And I don’t give a flying fig what the person reading me the news thinks about what they’re reading, what they had for breakfast or who screwed whom on “Dancing With The Never Were Stars.”

Ray Culver Sr

Pocono Lake, PA

  • Dave

    Mr. Culver would like you darned kids to get off his lawn.