FILM_Army of Shadows

The 1969 French film “Army of Shadows” will screen April 14 as part of Chestnut Hill Film Group’s ongoing series, “Tuesday Nights at the Movies.”

During World War II, in Nazi-occupied France, one of the chiefs of a resistence network is arrested by the Vichy police and consequently sent to a prisoner camp in Paris. Against the odds, the man is able to escape, and afterwards he, along with his resistance network, execute the member who betrayed the man to the Germans.

The man and his group then travel to London to build support for the resistance movement, only to have one of its members captured by the Gestapo. Leaving London, the group devises a plan to rescue him from Lyon, where he is being held by the Gestapo in a maxium-security prison. When the mission fails and the SS learn of the resistance movement, the man and his group must attempt to survive amidst paranoia and terror and escape not only the Nazis, but their fate.

Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville, who adapted the screenplay from Joseph Kessel’s 1943 novel of the same name, the film stars Lino Ventura, Simone Signoret, Paul Meurisse and Jean-Pierre Cassel. The film won at the 2006 New York Film Critics Circle Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. It currently has a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie begins at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 14, at Woodmere Art Museum. Doors open at 6:30. Admission is free, although donations are recommended.

For more information, please call 215-247-0476 or visit

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