Let’s stop political games over PGW

As someone who lives in the area of Benezet and Ardleigh, I did not appreciate waking up to that terrible gas explosion a few weeks ago. But on further reflection, I realize we should be thankful that no one was killed or injured, or that the neighborhood did not go up in flames.

I just hope Councilwoman Cindy Bass is aware of what her opposition to the sale of PGW could potentially cause. I do not know if it will happen in Chestnut Hill or some other part of the city, but our aging infrastructure is going to cause the deaths of many people.

Maybe at that point, these City Council members can stop playing their stupid political games and start caring about the people they are paid to represent.

Samantha Cooke

Chestnut Hill

CHCF Designer Yard Sale Exceeds Expectations

Thank you to all who came on Saturday to the one-day yard sale fundraiser to benefit the Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive.

A special thank you to Richard Snowden and Bowman Properties for the generous donation of luxury items that made this event such a success. We were able to raise more than $7,600 for our community programs and non-profits. It was a high-end shoppers’ paradise and we were pleased to see that the store was crowded the entire time. Everyone let us know how much fun they had with our Pick-a-Cube and rug sales. We hope that you enjoy your treasures.

We also want to thank our volunteers for the day: Susan Bray, George Coates, Will and Susan Detweiler, Janet Gala, Celeste Hardester, Art and Lisa Howe, Mark Keintz, Chris Padova, Paula Riley, and Noreen Spota. And thanks to our Fund Drive Honorary Chair Gail Detweiler for coming in and bringing many out-of-town friends.

If you couldn’t make the yard sale, consider making a contribution to support the vital programs that this fund drive supports by visiting www.chestnuthill.org/community, or call 215-248-8810 by Tuesday, March 24.

Floramae McCarron and Laura Lucas

Fund Drive Co-Chairs

Please donate your points to Jenks

Thank you to everyone who has donated points in the past for Recyclebank-sponsored projects at John Story Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences.

If you take a walk in the back of our playground by Ardleigh St., you will see the gardens started with your generosity. We use the vegetables in dishes we prepare for school events and we give the extras away to charity. The native perennial garden started last year has attracted some fascinating critters and we look forward to seeing more this year.

We are now seeking points for an indoor ecosystem program that will involve a greenhouse, vermicomposter, and hydroponics set-up managed by fourth and fifth graders to be shared with all students and visitors. Our science program has many activities and wonderful teachers and we would like to expand it to provide a better STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. The new ecosystem program will allow the students to learn year round.

We are barely half-way to our goal and would like your points so we can have a good start in our new ecosystem program. To donate points, please visit www.recyclebank.com/contest/index/school/id/146/, log into Recyclebank, and donate away! Thank you for your generosity and we plan to share highlights of the program in the Local.


Friends of J.S. Jenks

Jenks Home and School Association