SCH junior Samira Baird

SCH junior Samira Baird

As part of Keds’ “Brave Life Project,” Samira Baird, a Springside Chestnut Hill Academy junior, was awarded the “Change Community, Change Your World Grant,” which is intended to inspire girls to take risks and pursue their dreams.

The grant is designed to provide financial support for girls, so that they may achieve their brave goals, no matter how big or small, and change the world by changing communities.

Samira, who is currently working with the school’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership’s Venture Incubator, submitted her project, The Samira Show, a multimedia blog featuring posts about politics, fashion and entertainment, for the grant. By crafting The Samira Show, she hopes to connect students across the school and foster a digital space for personal expression.

Samira plans to use the grant money to market her website and purchase relevant equipment and software, such as a GoPro, which is on her wish list.

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  • LittleMouse

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