Mt. Airy crime

by Pete Mazzaccaro

Last week, a look at five-year crime trends for Chestnut Hill between 2010 and 2014 showed across the board declines in both violent and property crimes. In West Mt. Airy, crime patterns also showed declines of more than 20 percent while rates remained relatively flat in East Mt Airy.

West Mt. Airy saw 43 violent crimes in 2010. That number decreased to 32 in 2014, a decline of 25.56 percent. The neighborhood’s property crimes also declined from 308 in 2010 to 239, a decline of 22.40 percent.

Both rates are better than the city average in which violent crime has declined by 10.53 percent and property crime by only 6.35 percent.

In East Mt. Airy, an initial look at the five year trend looks flat. There were 61 violent crimes in 2010 and 62 in 2014. There were 289 property crimes in 2010 and 281 in 2014.

The trends for East Mt. Airy did not remain flat, however. Violent crime spiked with 83 incidents in 2011. Property crimes peaked in 2012 with 372 reported cases.

One clear trend for both neighborhoods is that combined crime fell between 2012 and 2013 and stayed down in 2014. In West Mt. Airy, overall crime in 2014 is down 38.26 percent from 2012. In East Mt. Airy, it’s down 22.74 for from the same period.

* Mt. Airy crime

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