Market at the Fareway

Just when I think it can’t get better it does. The transformation and revitalization of the Farmer’s Market is amazing. As a 15 year resident of Chestnut Hill I couldn’t be happier with the Petes’ commitment to improving the Farmer’s Market, Hotel and overall community.

The “Market at the Fareway,” as it is now known, is one of the many things that make Chestnut Hill such a magical place to live. In the past few months we saw the Harry Potter festival and the Clover Market. Now the Market at the Fareway is open on Sundays!

Go to the Market for coffee with Poppy and Bev. Please try the new amazing vendor JSJ Delights. They cook from their hearts and you can taste it in everything they make. Amazing chicken wings, Mac & Cheese, and mashed potatoes like my Aunt Betty use to make! It is home cooking at its best!

Thank you to all of the business owners, vendors and neighbors who make Chestnut Hill such a wonderful p[lace to live. I feel incredibly lucky to live here.

Linda Howell

Chestnut Hill

Deer ‘cull begins’

Once again, preparations are being made for the annual slaughter of deer in five major areas within the Fairmount Park system.

Lethal control will continue indefinitely to counteract the deer population’s biological and behavioral responses to removal each winter by government marksmen. Lethal control is known as the ‘’mowing the lawn’’ model – you just have to keep mowing them down, according to one biologist. How vulgar and insensitive.

Deer have been blamed for everything imaginable. They’ve been framed, prosecuted, found guilty and condemned to death without due process. The protracted war on deer is unjust and ethically indefensible.

Katherine Greenwald, co-author of a recent study cautioned, ‘’We need to be aware of what’s happening in these forest ecosystems. So before we start removing deer we should study what’s really happening in these areas because there are a whole host of other issues that go along with culling.’’

None of these many relevant issues have ever been broached here. There are a multitude of significant stresses on the various park areas which have been conveniently overlooked in a rush to scapegoat the deer. An open and complete examination in this regard is long overdue.

A meeting with District 8 Councilwoman Cindy Bass has been scheduled for Jan. 13 to discuss the deer issue. Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer (PAD) urges you to contact her beforehand with your thoughts and concerns.

Phone: 215-686-3424/3425

FAX: 215-686-1937


Bridget Irons

Chestnut Hill