The Chestnut Hill Business Improvement District Board, Friends of J.S. Jenks and The John Story Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences announced this week a new partnership that will result in $17,000 in funding for the school. The partnership is the first step in an effort by the BID to expand its benefits beyond the business corridor.

Over the past several months, members of the BID leadership and other community business leaders have held meetings with Principal Mary Lynskey and the leadership of Friends of J.S. Jenks to determine ways to support Chestnut Hill’s local public school. Specific programmatic and capital improvement areas were identified that the school has been unable to fund with the district’s recent cuts.

Through the partnership with the BID, J.S. Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences, will use the funds for physical improvements, including repairs to the auditorium. The elementary school will also use a portion of the funding for programming to support its new focus on the arts and sciences.

“Investing in the neighborhood and our school children is vital to the future of Chestnut Hill,” said Stanley Woodward, Chairman of George Woodward Co. “The funds provided through the BID will continue to effect positive change throughout our community. We encourage and challenge our neighbors within the Chestnut Hill Community to match the BID’s contribution and support the J.S. Jenks Academy for the Arts & Sciences.”

With the recent renewal of the Chestnut Hill BID and inclusion of new residential rental properties, the BID is focusing additional efforts on initiatives that benefit all Chestnut Hill residents through a Targeted Residential Rental Fund. Jenks will submit plans to the Targeted Residential Rental Fund for utilizing the funds in the coming months.

The BID’s contribution is a catalyst for the community to join this effort and support Chestnut Hill’s local public school. Private contributions to the Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences will benefit the school through various initiatives, including the creation of mobile classrooms, new learning tools within the classroom, field trips to local museums, scholarships for summer camp programs and access to improved technology such as new laptops.

To support the Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences, please contact Haviva Goldman, President of the Friends of J.S. Jenks, at or 215-498-8593.

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