The following crimes are from the week of Dec. 7 to Dec. 13, 2014.

Nov. 24. 51 W. Bells Mill Road. Between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m., an unknown person stole a Capital Visa card and $1,100 cash from a vehicle in parking lot. No forced entry. Theft reported Dec. 9, 2014.

Dec. 5. 305 W. Chestnut Hill Ave. Stolen was a white 2008 Ford Focus, Pa. Tag: PD34142. Reported Dec. 7.

Dec. 10. 7723 Crittenden St. at Radio Shack, the following item was stolen: Pro-652 Digital Taraki Radar Scanner worth $432. Three black males were observed: first of an unknown age, 6′ tall, wearing a black jacket with a yellow collar. Second male, unknown age, 5’5” tall, wearing a black scully and a black coat. Third male, unknown age or height. Dark complexion.

Summary – Three crimes reported: one burglary, one theft from vehicle and one stolen vehicle.

Town Watch.

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