Wearing one of her vintage fabric skirts, Hob Nob owner Angela Heithecker offers cozy quilts created from repurposed wool and cashmere sweaters. (Photo by Jeremy Jones)

Wearing one of her vintage fabric skirts, Hob Nob owner Angela Heithecker offers cozy quilts created from repurposed wool and cashmere sweaters. (Photo by Jeremy Jones)

by Jeremy Jones

Sometimes even grownups don’t like to share. That fabulous recipe you won’t give anyone (even your BFF); the formula for wall color in your living room; where you got those shoes. Well, if you have already discovered Hob Nob, and find it too dear to share, it’s time for your one-of-a-kind source to be revealed.

Hob Nob Design is the creation of owner Angela Heithecker, who has always had the passion to work with her hands, and upon shaking her hand you would feel the rough template of a veteran artisan. She attended the University of the Arts to explore all the options that would give voice to her calling, and once out of school she was immediately hired by internationally renowned Philadelphia-based wallpaper and textile studio Galbraith & Paul, where she created handmade Japanese paper.

For many years, while she and her husband raised their two children, Angela followed her calling with her signature vintage fabric handbags, sold locally in Chestnut Hill. Four years ago, her voice and her passion blossomed into the little shop at the bottom of the Hill – a store and interior design studio – all in one. 7916 Germantown Avenue is a destination for those who prefer unique to stream lined, and those whose nature is to search for the uncharted and hard to find.

“I was looking for a particular wallpaper for my hallway, and spent hours on web sites, trying to get information,” noted Chestnut Hill resident Maura Hinkle on a recent visit to the shop. When she learned Hob Nob carried this exclusive, high-end wallpaper (which is also accessible in New York or Paris, if you have time), she discovered, “The shop has much more than I was thinking when I came in.”

“Much more,” is women’s skirts cut from seriously authentic vintage fabric ($95 – $125), and handsome, cozy quilts made from repurposed wool and cashmere sweaters ($95-$290); they even come in stroller size. Ready for a close up, if not a celebrity mom’s nursery, is “Petite Chic,” Hob Nob’s exclusive line of heirloom-quality children’s wear. From playtime to tea time to party time, each piece is whimsically and meticulously handmade by Chestnut Hill neighbor Lynne Roach Fleming.

With an inherent eye for textiles, patterns and color, Angela reflects: “What sets me apart from shopping on line is you aren’t going to waste time. I can quickly come up with a design, pattern, fabric that will coordinate with what you already have or are working with. Fresh interior design is our specialty. Through collaboration and assessment, we provide you with multiple design solutions that turn your vision into reality.”

At Hob Nob, everything old is new again and most everything new is not likely to be found elsewhere. From vintage Christmas ornaments to Depression glass to fashion accessories for men and women. Unique items, unique service, unique designs. This is a recipe for success you’ll want to share – even with your BFF.

Store Hours: Tues. – Sat., 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Hob Nob will be open on Stag & Doe Nights, Wednesdays in Dec. until Christmas.

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