During this time of celebration and giving, the Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive hopes that you will support the programs and activities that make Chestnut Hill the vial and sustainable community that it is. Every year, many worthy organizations in this community request funding from the Chestnut Hill Community Fund. Your contributions to the fund keep their endeavors thriving. Whether, civic, social or cultural, our local organizations contribute so much to the quality of life on the Hill. Without your support, many of these vital programs would cease.

Many of you are aware that the wonderful Concert series in Pastorius Park is funded through contributions to the Community Fund. But so are many other behind the scenes programs that enhance the comfort and quality of so many of our residents. The Keystone Hospice, whose dedication to the comfort of local residents seriously in need of end of life care is a key example. So is the Meals of Meals program that provides sustenance to those elderly neighbors who, while now are house bound, once were active participants in local events and often were volunteers at Center On The Hill and Chestnut Hill Hospital as well as area schools. Please remember that your contributions to the Fund Drive support these loyal neighbors.

Many cultural organizations that enhance the quality of life on the Hill are also recipients of funds supplied by you. The Chestnut Hill Historical Society, which reminds all of us of our shared roots and common experiences, is only one example. So is the magnificent Woodmere Art Museum! How many parts of Philadelphia outside of Center City can boast a first rate art museum within walking distance? Additionally, your contributions support many musical events, from classical music to jazz, to choral concerts. The literary arts and theater arts are also supported by the Fund. Check out our own Stagecrafters.

Did you know that the Fund Drive supplies funding to cut the grass at the Water Tower Recreation Center so our children can continue to play soccer and baseball throughout the summer? Or that the beautification of Chestnut Hill train stations on both the R6 and R7 lines is the product of contributions by you to the Fund?

And of course, the commitment to maintaining the Wissahickon water shed and ongoing maintenance of our section of our beautiful park is also funded by your contributions to the Fund.

These and many more activities, senior programs and educational opportunities are where your dollars go when you make a contribution to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive. Think of it as the “Community Chest” card on the Monopoly Game we all have played. Your funds keep our community alive and active. Every one of our local residents is the beneficiary of your financial support.

With many thanks for all you, our neighbors have done to make Chestnut Hill such a great place to live,


Laura Lucas and Floramae McCarron

Co-chairs, Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive