by Pete Mazzaccaro

Shop Local

Today we’re introducing a new, regular feature on shopping local. Jeremy Jones, a writer with a long history with the Chestnut Hill Local has taken on the task of finding items you can buy in Chestnut Hill that are either hard or impossible to find elsewhere. Or perhaps they’re things you didn’t realize you can get so close to home.

We’ve all read the many, many treatises on the imminent death of local retail at the hands of Walmart and Amazon, but I think it’s a little early to write off local stores, where you can not only expect better service but get your eyes and hands on merchandise before you buy it. Sometimes, that makes a huge difference.

Now that rumors have suggested Amazon may be trying to open its own “brick and mortar” stores, the conventional wisdom that online buying will replace the physical shop is not so sure a bet.

This week, Jones spoke with the owners of Kilians Hardware about a special umbrella they sell that promises to be about as indestructible as an umbrella can be. Read about it on page 7.

We already have a number of good ideas for other things to feature, but we’re always interested in tips. If you spot anything that deserves attention, let me know at

Taste of Chestnut Hill

We’re in the first days of a rush of holiday events and activities. This weekend will kick it off with a Ballet Day in Chestnut Hill (see front page story). And the following week, on Sunday, Nov. 23, Teenagers Inc. will host a dinner and auction called Taste of Chestnut Hill – its biggest annual fundraiser.

You’ve read plenty about how much good Teenagers Inc. does in the pages of this publication. From volunteering at local soup kitchens and organizing pet supply drives to organizing an annual trip to Guatemala to build homes for the poor, Teenagers Inc. is always busy. For it to continue that work, it’s important to support this organization.

The good thing is that supporting Taste of Chestnut Hill, which features dishes from nearly every restaurant in Chestnut Hill, is both easy and delicious. You can’t beat an event where sampling the neighborhood’s best dishes is the way to help. Be sure to add it to you calendar. See page 13 for more details.

Kids Edition Take 2

Again, we were delightfully overwhelmed by the outpouring of creative talent from the children in our readership area. Many submitted artwork and writing they’d completed in class. In particular, there was a great selection of artwork.

We ran as much as possible and hope to be able to put the entire package, including all we’ve yet received, online. For this week’s installment, see page 27.

Holiday guide coming

Next week, we’ll publish a comprehensive guide for readers, detailing all of the events that will take place in Chestnut Hill this holiday season. There is a lot to look froward to: From lighting holiday trees on the lawn of Woodmere Art Museum to Caroling at the Creche, Stag and Doe shopping nights, the Holiday House Tour and Holiday Parade.

Be sure to pick up the paper next week for that guide: Holidays on the Hill.

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    The Businesses of Chestnut Hill thank you! Gravers Lane Gallery has very much appreciated all the Local has done for our gallery this past year.
    Bruce Hoffman – Director

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    This is fabulous guide regarding to help out kids shopping and the next one I am expecting be very well.