Pastorius Park concerts, tree planting along the Avenue, annual blood drive, holiday parade, hoops madness, zoning change and exception request reviews, addressing land use issues, community advocacy to city officials (especially police and firefighters) to mention a few – all happening because of dedicated volunteers.

Chestnut Hill is sustained and enhanced through volunteerism. Yes, the basic essentials and services, such as safety, water, sewers, schools, trash, etc. are provided by our City. But what makes Chestnut Hill special is the direct result of our volunteers. Too often we take for granted that many in the community give their time, effort and money to help support our community endeavors.

Much of our volunteers’ time is spent raising the very funds needed to successfully support the activities that enrich our quality of life. An example is the recent fun-filled fund raiser, the Black and White Gala. The event – and all the hard work that went into organizing it – represented a tremendous and nearly overwhelming commitment of volunteers and a tireless staff. Sometimes I wonder why they do it – what keeps them going? But then realize it’s their love of the community that improves their and their neighbors’ lives. We owe all of them our gratitude.

These are exciting but challenging times in our community. They require CHCA guardedness and guidance for our residents and merchants while encouraging those initiatives and investments that further our vitality. Without a doubt, our volunteers will answer the call.

The upcoming annual Chestnut Hill Community Fund drive is an opportunity to support the various programs essential to our cherished quality of life that enriches us in different ways. Also, and important, it is an opportunity to express our appreciation for our committed volunteers, and in a sense to become a “financial volunteer.”

Please consider contributing generously to the much needed Community Fund, a 501c3 non-profit entity established by the Chestnut Hill Community Association as a mechanism to financially support the various community projects and programs. Without adequate financial resources, the essential endeavors simply will not happen. There is nothing more discouraging to our volunteers than curtailing essential programs that many assume will always “be there.”

Let’s make this year’s annual Community Fund drive the most successful and rewarding ever – there is no reason it can’t be a banner year – in both the number of contributors and the total amount given. Let’s really show that we all, love and appreciate Chestnut Hill and together commit to its enhancement.

We have it in us – together it will happen!

Please send your contribution to: Chestnut Hill Community Fund, Town Hall, 8434 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118.

Will Detweiler

CHCA President