The shipping room at Killian's Hardware.

The shipping room at Kilian’s Hardware.

by Kevin Dicciani

Since 1998, Kilian’s Hardware has been shipping its inventory across the United States and to customers all over the world.

Kilian’s has a shipping room where on any given day up to 50 packages will be processed and shipped. The most popular items are glass door knobs, plaster washers and bronze thresholds for doorways. The store ships internationally, selling often to Canada and England and, occasionally, Germany. But with all of those orders going out, packaging materials can run dry.

That’s why Russell Goudy Jr., co-owner of Kilian’s, is asking local businesses and residents to donate their used packaging materials, such as packing peanuts, plastic pillows and bubble wrap. By doing so, people around the world will receive the same quality products that residents of Chestnut Hill have been getting for over 100 years.

Goudy said when the idea of doing mail orders came up almost 16-years ago, it seemed new and advantageous.

“It seemed exciting at the time,” Goudy said. “Just another way to grow the business.”

Recycling used packaging materials saves the store money, too. They get most of their materials from residents and local stores – like Weavers Way and El Quetzal. Ordering those same materials, Goudy said, isn’t cost-effective. Plus, why spend money on things that most people toss in the trash?

“We would love to reuse and recycle those materials,” Goudy said. “Most of the time people throw all that stuff out, so why not just recycle it with us?”

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