by Will Detweiler, CHCA President

Imagine walking down the Avenue hearing Coltrane or Chopin, or Kilian’s Russ Goudy sharing tips for fixing a leaky shower, or a live interview with a horticulturist, a preservationist, or local politician. Imagine too, listening to all of this in your home or car.

That’s the promise of an idea for Chestnut Hill Radio, our very own online radio station with a Germantown Avenue storefront studio owned and operated by the Chestnut Hill Community Association. The format would be a combination of classical music, jazz and community talk, and broadcast (on air, call in, remote, and in the studio). A Chestnut Hill Community Association committee, with input from the Chestnut Hill Business Association, is exploring just what it takes to get “on the air.”

But it’s not just about entertainment – there are other benefits that would impact the Chestnut Hill community:

1. Augmenting the Chestnut Hill Local, the station would communicate the ongoing activities of the community and all the various institutional, educational and commercial endeavors.

2. It would provide a means of expressing a variety of opinions and ideas by people in the community through call-in participation.

3. Programming would offer a daily online bulletin board for community activities, including religious institutions, schools (including closings), business events and much more.

4. Interviews with local merchants, educators, community leaders, hospital, historical society, museum and arboretum officials, religious institution leaders, city officials, police and fire fighters, etc., etc., etc. Use your imagination.

If anyone can get it on the air, our newly launched exploratory committee certainly can. The committee is comprised of talented individuals with communications, computer technology, audio, and radio-related experience. The committee is augmented by volunteer advisors from two major Philadelphia radio stations with management, producing, and programming experience as well as a professor from the Communications Department at Chestnut Hill College.

The success of Chestnut Hill Radio will require the commitment and participation of our entire community. We hope you’re as excited about this idea as we are – there is no doubt we can make it happen!

Will the Hill be alive with the sound of music – and talk?

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  • Jim Moran

    A great idea!

  • sizzlereal

    I really love this idea, exactly what the Hill needs.

  • growler

    Please do this,

  • MB Barber

    Love this idea – perfect for Chestnut Hill!!

  • Sara Gray Detweiler Loughman

    I can’t wait to tune in

  • shelly r

    This is a great idea for many reasons… sharing musical tastes and ideas is a great way to bring a community together. Chestnut Hill is already a unique community and think this idea exemplifies that! I really, really hope it happens!!!

  • Kate Green

    Love this idea, so much potential!

  • karen

    I love this idea and will be an avid listener— especially if the station plays a lot of Coltrane :] It is a wonderful way to bring connectedness to this very special community. Looking forward to it!