Map showing Cresheim Trail between Gate House Lane and Devil's Pool.

Map showing Cresheim Trail between Gate House Lane and Devil’s Pool.

by Sue Ann Rybak

A 51-year-old woman was assaulted during an attempted robbery on Sept. 26 while walking on a trail along Cresheim Creek, which passes under the McCallum Street Bridge, just off of 600 block of Gatehouse Lane.

According to the police report, at approximately 4:30 p.m. the woman observed a man walking towards her. Seconds after passing her, he grabbed her from behind by the shoulders and demanded money. When the woman replied that she didn’t have any money, the robber demanded that the woman empty her pockets.

Police said after the man failed to obtain any money, he pushed the woman to the ground and began choking her around the neck. He then proceeded to shove dirt in her mouth and demand sex.

According to police report, after a 10-minute struggle, the woman was able to fight off her attacker and call police from a passerby’s cell phone.

The assailant is described as an African American male, between 25-30 years old,, about six feet tall, with a large build. He was last seen wearing a red polo shirt with white writing, tan pants and a baseball cap (possibly green in color).

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect, please call 911.

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  • tom reese

    Wow, go figure, an African American male. Is anyone else shocked?

    • cg

      you’re comment is disgusting and ignorant. if you don’t have anything of value to add, don’t add anything.

      • georgebarrett

        The attack on that poor woman is digusting – Tom Reese’s observation merely reflects reality.
        While it might be sarcastic, and probably not what you’d want to hear, it’s anything but ignorant.

        Take a look at the FBI violent crime statistics, and see for yourself the impact that roughly 12.6% of the population has on violent crime in the USA.

        In actuality, it’s even worse – that 12.6% should be reduced by about half, as virtually all VCs committed by African Americans are by males.

        That leaves us with a figure of approximately 6% of a certain group of US citizens committing 50% of all violent crimes in the country.

        • MoPhilly

          Tom and George, you can both keep your racist crap to yourself. We don’t welcome that BS in the Northwest of Philly; people are people not statistics. Get enlightened or get lost.

          • georgebarrett

            So statistical analysis and quantification science can’t be used to track criminal behavior?

            Someone had better tell the FBI.

            MoPhilly is enlightened, so perhaps he can explain how it is that six percent of the US population is tied to 50% (that’s HALF, Mo) of all violent crimes commited.

          • CH

            No, people create statistics, and georgebarrett is absolutely correct in stating that simple fact. Are you suggesting that black males don’t commit most of the crimes in this country/city/neighborhood? Simply dismissing that factual statement as ‘racism’ is the real ignorance. Stop making apologies for this behavior.

      • RST

        You don’t know the difference between you’re and your.
        You’re made to look ignorant by your own comment.
        Ironic, much?

  • GregtheC

    There’s goofy stuff going on, on that stretch of Cresheim…. Folks parking in the little dirt lot and walking around back there, by themselves, male and female. These folks aren’t back there to hike or look at birds and plants…

  • Tyson

    If you’re looking for causes of ferguson, MO, you don’t have to look that much further than the racism expressed in these comments….

    • RST

      Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it?

  • sizzlereal

    You can see by looking at the IP addresses here that these folks don’t even live in the area – so take your racist ignorance elsewhere Tom & George

    • georgebarrett

      Our halfway-educated “Guest” presumes too much – he/she/it doesn’t appear to know about VPNs.

      And the cry of “racist” is almost certainly from a person who has run out of ideas.