A visitor walks the labyrinth at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

A visitor walks the labyrinth at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

A special labyrinth walk “with the angels” and a documentary examining belief in angels will take place Monday, Sept. 29, in Saint Paul’s Church, 22 E. Chestnut Hill Ave. at the medieval labyrinth within the church on the day on which the church celebrates St. Michael and All Angels.

The labyrinth will be open for walking beginning at 5 p.m. Filmmaker Ted Yacucci will show his documentary entitled “The Lady Who Sees Angels,” at 7 p.m. The film examines belief in angels across most cultures and religions, with a focus on Irish mystic Lorna Byrne.

Byrne, who is featured in the documentary, is a worldwide bestselling author who claims that she has seen and spoken to angels every day of her life. According to the Byrne, each of us has a guardian angel that never leaves our side during out lifetime.

Many of the scenes included in the documentary were filmed at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church where Lorna Byrne spoke to a capacity crowd on St. Patrick’s Day in 2013.

Labyrinth pioneer Lauren Artress, who dedicated the Saint Paul’s Labyrinth, writes that many report seeing angels around a labyrinth. She admits that “although I rarely see into the invisible world, I often feel a soft and graceful air around the labyrinth.”

As one stands at the center of the Saint Paul’s labyrinth there are carved, wooded angels “hovering” above indicative of the healthful spirits that Christians believe attend each one of us.

The guided walk into the labyrinth takes one to the center, a place of listening and clarity. Each walker receives a pocket angel at the center and takes it back out as a symbol of whatever peace and insight is received. Walking the labyrinth creates greater spiritual openness and mindfulness.

Please join the celebration of St. Michael and All Angels on Sept. 29 at the Saint Paul’s labyrinth in the church. For more information, call Cliff Cutler.

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