Randolph's will close after 18 years  on the avenue.

Randolph’s will close after 18 years on the avenue.

by Kevin Dicciani

Randolph’s Fine Jewelry, at 7902 Germantown Ave., will close its doors Sept. 20 after 18 years of business in Chestnut Hill.

Owner Randolph Tartaglio said the closure is due to “circumstances beyond my control,” though his windows are papered with photocopies of a letter from his landlord stating that he must vacate the premises by Sept. 31.

Tartaglio’s landlord Bowman Properties did not respond to a request for comment before press time.

Tartaglio said the community has been loyal to him throughout his time in Chestnut Hill, and it’s the people and families that he will miss the most.

“I’ve met a lot of nice people and a lot of nice families,” Tartaglio said. “It’s a small community. Everyone knows me and I know them.”

Tartaglio said since the news of the closure broke, his customers have been visiting the store to express their gratitude and say goodbye.

“In the past two weeks, I’ve had such a heartwarming response from the community,” Tartaglio said. “Every customer that comes in here is upset that I’m leaving the Hill, that I’m being forced out. They’re sad for themselves and they’re sad for me. For 18 years I was their local jeweler.”

Tartaglio said he will be looking in the surrounding area for a new location at the beginning of the year. No matter where he relocates, he said, he will miss his prime location on the avenue.

“This was a destination corner,” Tartaglio said. “Now it’s going to be a desolate corner.”

Even though Tartaglio is optimistic about the future, he still said the entire affair is “a bit heartbreaking.”

“This was like my home. These are my bricks in here,” he said. “It’s sad, really really sad.”

Tartaglio can be contacted by email at randolphsjewels@msn.com.