SCH junior co-captain Robert Hass rounds a turn on his home course. (Photo by Tom Utescher)

SCH junior co-captain Robert Hass rounds a turn on his home course. (Photo by Tom Utescher)

by Tom Utescher

Even on weekend days, schools rarely schedule sporting events to start as early as 8:00 AM. That was when Springside Chestnut Hill Academy launched its annual cross country invitational on September 6, and it spared the runners the worst of the weather conditions on this very hot, sticky Saturday.

In the girls’ race, the host Blue Devils recorded a one-two finish that served as the foundation for a team victory, as SCH put up 23 points and Julia R. Masterman High School finished with 34. A third team was added to the boys’ contest, which Masterman won with 22 points while SCH Academy took second place over Valley Forge Military Academy, 52 -59.

The Blue Devil girls have returned four of their five scorers from last year’s Inter-Ac League runner-up squad. No one graduated, but E.K. Helstrom, a Mount Airy native who is still only a freshman this year, has transferred to Central High School.

Current sophomore Terri Turner and senior Jamie Costarino led the field out on the school’s newly-configured 3.1-mile course. They ran together at the front for much of the race, with Turner widening the gap near the end to win in 20 minutes, 25 seconds, setting a new meet record as she finished nine seconds ahead of Costarino.

Another 10 seconds back in third place was Masterman’s leader, Claudia Ashworth, and the Blue Dragons also snagged fourth place thanks to Carina Flaherty, who was timed in 21:42.

Springside Chestnut Hill all but locked up the victory when fifth and sixth place went to sophomore Rebecca Saunders (21:47) and freshman Allie Kitchell (22:18).

After Masterman took seventh and eighth with Eiman Eltigani (23:12) and Siduri Beckman (23:27), junior Brooklynn Broadwater completed the scoring for the SCH team, coming in ninth in 23:47. Broadwater’s classmate Nicole Novo was next across the line (23:49), and after SCH freshman Paige Aloise finished (24:35), Masterman’s team score was finalized by Caitlin Muldowney, who ran 12th in 25:14.

SCH sophomore Terri Turner (left) and senior Jamie Costarino run side-by-side early in last Saturday’s race. (Photo by Tom Utescher)

SCH sophomore Terri Turner (left) and senior Jamie Costarino run side-by-side early in last Saturday’s race. (Photo by Tom Utescher)

A Masterman senior, Julian DeGroot-Lutzner, broke out in front of the field at the start of the boys’ race, and he remained in the lead to win in a time of 17:01. Since the course was being used for the first time, both the boys’ and girls’ winners established a meet record.

Also running alone much of the way, junior Will Concannon was the first Blue Devil to cross the line, becoming the overall runner-up in 17:46. Masterman junior and Chestnut Hill native Joe Previdi was fourth with a time of 18:47, landing one place and two seconds ahead of SCH sophomore Noah Chandler.

After that, though, the Blue Dragons clinched the team victory by snapping up fifth, sixth, and seventh place. These Master-men were junior Per Loufman (18:58) and seniors Wyatt Saint Clair (19:09) and Ty Parks (19:12). Saint Clair is a Hill resident, and Loufman hails from Mt. Airy.

Valley Forge’s lead runner, junior Seth Bonzelet, came in eighth in 19:38), and rounding out the top 10 were Masterman freshman Daniel Bici (20:05) and VFMA junior Kai Mosi Amen-Ra (20:15).

Blue Devils junior Robert Hass, who is team co-captain along with Concannon, was third for the home team and 13th overall in 20:56. Sophomore Chris Markos (16th; 22:48) and freshman Tom Huggert (17th; 23:30) were the other scorers for SCH, while their teammate Bruce Wang, a freshman, placed 20th in 25:16.

Meet Results


1. MAST Julian DeGroot-Lutzner 17:01

2. SCH Will Concannon 17:46

3. MAST Joe Previdi 18:47

4. SCH Noah Chandler 18:49

5. MAST Per Loufman 18:58

6. MAST Wyatt St. Clair 19:09

7. MAST Ty Parks 19:12

8. VFMA Seth Bonzelet 19:38

9. MAST Daniel Bici 20:08

10. VFMA Kai Mosi Amen-Ra 20:15

11. MAST Manfred Thomas 20:23

12. VFMA Ben Johnson 20:42

13. SCH Robert Hass 20:56

14. VFMA Brandon Brown 21:45

15. VFMA Niall Gallagher 21:55

16. SCH Chris Markos 22:48

17. SCH Tom Huggett 23:30

18. VFMA Miles Vando 24:36

19. VFMA QiTao Wu 24:42

20. SCH Bruce Wang 25:10


1. SCH Terri Turner 20:25

2. SCH Jamie Costarino 20:34

3. MAST Claudia Ashworth 20:44

4. MAST Carina Flaherty 21:42

5. SCH Rebecca Saunders 21:47

6. SCH Allie Kitchell 22:18

7. MAST Eiman Eltigani 23:12

8. MAST Siduri Beckman 23:27

9. SCH Brooklynn Broadwater 23:47

10. SCH Nicole Novo 23:48

11. SCH Paige Aloise 24:35

12. MAST Caitlin Muldowney 25:14

13. MAST Mariana Garcia 25:14

14. MAST Joanna Giang 25:14

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