by Pete Mazzaccaro

Chestnut Hill shoppers will experience a slight rise in parking rates this month following two separate announcements of a change in lot terms at both the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation’s six kiosk-controlled lots and a private lot behind Spa Elysium on Bethlehem Pike.

The Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation announced a bump from 50 cents an hour to $1 an hour, which currently matches the rate for parking meters along Germantown Avenue whose fees were raised by the city on in August.

“The Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation is taking proactive steps to inform residents, visitors, and businesses about the parking lot fee increase in an effort to educate everyone about the importance of maintaining the safety and security of these lots,” said foundation president John Ingersoll.

Signage addressing the changes will appear at each foundation lot.

Those changes, which will go into effect on Sept. 15, will provide extra funds for what the Parking Foundation says is important maintenance, cleaning, security cameras, leaf and snow removal, insurance and city taxes.

While the hourly rate will increase, the parking foundation will continue to offer a reduced flat rate of up to six hours for $3 – a 50 percent savings for anyone needing more time.

The other major change will take place around the same time at the parking lot behind Spa Elysium and Primos Hoagies, 51 Bethlehem Pike.

A circular distributed by the lot’s owners – Hayden Holdings LLC – stated that the lot would become a paid lot open to the public. No rates were given.

That lot is currently free but restricted to customers of the spa, Primos and the restaurants and shops of Chestnut Hill Plaza, including the state liquor store, Thai Kuu and Heirloom.

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  • Mr_Underhill

    Why do people shop in the city?

    • Sandy Moritz


      It’s almost as if CH is *trying* to come up with ways to make stopping by unpleasant.

      The goal should be to *bring* people to the Hill, not to keep them away; there are plenty of places to eat/drink/shop/ across the county line that don’t require advanced skills in parallel parking or quarter-locating, where Parking Authority sharks aren’t constantly circling, and where you’ll actually see police on patrol.

      • Mr_Underhill

        Yep. I decided recently after getting my 5th ticket in two years, you know what? I don’t have to shop here. I am done with it. Keep your money you got out of me (that only paid for the person goping around ticketing people), and I’ll keep mine from now on. I am done getting ripped off in Chestnut Hill, Manayunk and everywhere else in Philly. Done! The last straw was getting a ticket for a legal parking space, but they know you don’t have the time to fight. Lots of wonderful parking spaces in Montgomery County.I will spend my money there.