by Will Detweiler, CHCA President

Faced with changing times, the Chestnut Hill Community Association is exploring a more appropriate and meaningful way of expressing the community’s appreciation to our police, firefighters, and postal workers. A community picnic for them and their families before a Pastorius Park concert has been the tradition. In recent years, because of personnel changes, extended and uncertain work schedules, commute times, etc., participation has dwindled significantly.

After discussions with the 14th Police District captain and the captain of Engine Company 37, the CHCA Board is considering expressing our appreciation for their service to Chestnut Hill by dedicating a Pastorius Park concert to these worthy groups. Fish bowl proceeds, together with an Association contribution, would go to the Police and Firefighters Hero Scholarship Fund (or something similar) in their honor. A presentation and citation would be presented to the leaders at the intermission starting with next year’s concert series.

This annual recognition of those that serve our community bravely and selflessly, day in and day out, to preserve and maintain the peace and safety for us and our families is another example of your community association’s many endeavors.

I trust you are a member. If not, please consider joining the Chestnut Hill Community Association and helping contribute to its many worthy causes. It’s as easy as a phone call to 215-248-8810 or an e-mail to

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