A huge omission

Last week’s article about my appointment as director of Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels contained one huge omission. There was no mention of Lynne Mason who has been the heart and soul of our organization for the past five years.

Lynne will thankfully remain with Meals, promoted to assistant director, and it is my hope that her new role will allow her more flexibility to interact with the community and our volunteers – two areas in which she definitely excels. I am so thankful to have Linda at my side.

Pat Harrington

Executive Director

Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels


Thank you for flowery article

OMG, honestly, the article by Carole Verona about my flower project (“’Flower lady’ brings beauty to those who need it most,” July 17 issue) was the best article that anyone has ever written about my projects over the years. The colorful and beautiful presentation of the flowers, the first page, multiple pictures and a story that covered it all was so thrilling. I am so grateful for the time and talent that Carole put into the article and to editor Len Lear for thinking that it was a story worth sharing with the community.

I will keep you posted of the responses that may come as a result of the wonderful article. I really cannot believe the way it looked when I first saw a copy of the paper. I was thinking this can’t all be about me and the Flower Lady Project. Thank you so very, very much. A million thanks! I would love for interested readers to check out our website at www.patriciausa.com. We need all the help we can get.

Patricia Gallagher

Flower Lady Project



‘Unbelievable coincidence’

I loved your article on the “Flower Lady” of Pennsylvania (July 17 issue) because they call me the “Flower Lady of Northwest Ohio.” By an unbelievable coincidence my daughter Genevieve Wilson just moved to Chestnut Hill. Her first day there was July 17.

She read the article about Trisha Gallagher, the “Flower Lady,” in the Chestnut Hill Local and sent it to me. I hope to meet with her someday when I go to visit my daughter. I would love to exchange ideas about how I can expand the flower projects. What a joy it is!

Women and men at my church have helped arrange the flowers and helped with distributing at nursing homes, our local senior center and local food bank. I had always hoped to involve some of the people we serve with the flower projects.

At the food bank, one of the clients offered a massive number of peonies from his yard to give to others; another planted flowers in front of the food bank, and a group of ladies in the assisted living part of a local nursing home volunteered to take over the flower project in their community.

I just drop the flowers off, and they take over and spread the love. There are so many stories. What I do is just small compared to Trisha Gallagher’s utter devotion. I would so appreciate meeting her one day. She is an inspiration.

Pinky Edens

Perrysburg, OH