Charity Rip-off

I received two calls this week asking me to donate money – one call from a charity for money for kids cancer drive and one call to raise money for homeless vets.

I asked the first one what percentage goes to kids. They said 12 percent. I asked the other group what percent goes to vets, and they said 10 percent.

Of course I told them both to “go to hell.”

The law says that they have to tell you what percent goes to kids and what percent to vets.

These two examples indicate that the fundraisers keep 88 to 90 percent.

I hope everyone in the future won’t be fooled by these scams.

Jim Guminski

West Mt. Airy


Maggie may be persona non grata

I recently put in an application for an apartment at Hill House, the only apartment house close to Germantown Avenue in the Chestnut Hill/Mt. Airy area. The application required a verification from my bank that I could pay my rent. It also required a $100 deposit. In my naivete, I assumed that if I delivered the document in person, it would be processed. Unfortunately, the human being to whom I handed it lost my application.

I called for another application, and it was mailed to me, and I again started the application process. Only this time I was advised to post my application by certified mail, return receipt requested, more costly than to hand-deliver but likely to be noted.

At the bank, when I attempted to cancel my original $100 deposit, I was told there would be a $35 fee. In other words, I am being asked to pay for the incompetence of the office help at Hill House. I wish the apartments that were promised for the former Magarity car lot at Germantown and Hartwell Lane would be built soon because I’m afraid that by this letter, I’ve made myself persona non grata at Hill House.

Maggie Wollman

Mt. Airy