randy lippincott

Randy Lippincott

by Kevin Callan

The Randy Lippincott Band will be playing some of their blues and New Orleans music on Thursday, July 3 from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. at the Mermaid Inn Bar located at 7673 Winston Rd in Chestnut Hill.

The five piece blues band features guitar, drums, piano/organ, bass, and harmonica. They have released three albums, and Randy Lippincott was also featured on Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson’s album “Got to Find a Way,” which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1998 for Best Traditional Blues Album.

Although Lippincott is the band’s singer and guitarist, he is still a bassist at heart ever since he learned to play at age 13. Despite his abilities on guitar, his first band already had two older guitarists, so he filled in on bass. Lippincott’s prowess and experience on bass guitar have led him to develop a greater appreciation for a strong rhythm section.

Bassist Jimmy Pritchard has been a long-time band member and is sought after by many artists in the Delaware Valley area. Drummer and vocalist Bob Holden is the engine that drives the rest of the band while working together with the rhythm section.

Also a long-time Lippincott Band member, Joey “Hotbox” Simon is an impressive showman on the harmonica, playing his instrument traditionally but also with the ability to bring it into a more contemporary style. Glenn Bickel plays piano and organ and is the newest member of the Lippincott Band. He has experience with other bands from the Philadelphia area such as Roger Girke and the Funky Twisters and Leroy Hawks and the Hypnotics.

The cover charge will be $10 to the public, but admission is half off if you say “guest” at the door. Call the Mermaid Inn at 215-247-9797 for more information about the show.