A MALT Thank You

On behalf of MALT I want to thank our 2014 Hidden Garden Tour hosts for opening up your homes to 175 garden enthusiasts on May 31..

We had glowingly positive remarks about this year’s event. People spoke about seeing the perfect rose bush, the gorgeous hardscapes and softscapes, the wonderfully creative sculpture art, the various water features and the marvelous variety of shade and sun gardens.  Other folks commented on how warm and welcoming  the hosts were. One tour participant called the office after the tour to rave about the day.  She said, “The homeowners were all extremely helpful and outgoing.  Some of them even had cookies and drinks for us!”

I also want to extend a huge thank you to Eric Sternfels for once again organizing a fabulous tour.  Eric found the homes, worked out all the details and promoted the day. He created a friendly and positive atmosphere, which clearly rubbed off on homeowners and attendees alike.

I also want to thank the participants for coming. Without you all of our hard work would be for nothing. MALT is lucky to continue to enjoy over 5,000 students per year. Remember, “The Truly Educated Never Graduate.”


Judy Weinstein
Executive Director