Remembering Henry School past, hoping for better

I walked into Henry School 84 years ago, holding hands with another six-year-old girl who was as scared as I was. To this day, we have remained devoted friends. Eighteen of us started school that day. Our teacher was Miss Edith Scott, our school secretary and minor injury “nurse” was Miss Riddle, and our principal was Caroline T. Moffet. During those next eight years, the things that were important to us were learning to read and write, learning to play, and learning to help each other.

Our principal lived in a small house deep within the heart of Carpenter’s Woods. Her love for nature, especially birds, was boundless. We learned to recognize dozens of birds and their calls, including meeting Miss Moffet at 6 a.m. in morning in the woods to learn bird calls we could only hear very early.

In June, there was a play called “The Bird Masque.” One girl was chosen to be the cardinal, who was shot by a group of careless hunters. Her dying dance brought tears to many eyes. All of us at Henry School received a wonderful education and the chance to participate in the arts.

Today, Mayor Nutter, the principal of Henry School, and the president of the Parent Teacher Association are reaching out to City Council to increase resources. Keeping to my experience at Henry School, every 6 year old has the right to proper school supplies, pencils, paper and books. The decline of our public schools didn’t happen overnight. It took years of cruel cuts to education, and it will take years to bring it back.

Keep up the dialogue with Mayor Nutter and everyone else who can get C.W. Henry School on the road to recovery. I hope this brief history of the school’s colorful past can become an inspiration for a better future.

Grace Weinberg Groner



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Re: “The incredible true story of Pickleball: a sport for all ages

This game isn’t just for the “older folks” anymore. We have a young group that really play it fast and furious. I’m a tennis player too and it has helped my reaction time. Wonderful game.

Kerry Pittenger


Re: “New ‘green’ store stresses sustainability,” a piece about Greenology at 8232 Germantown Ave.

Just visited this new store and loved it! Ken and Fritize are tapped in to a pure good thing for our earth and our souls here! Beautiful space with many life enhancing things to consider purchasing. And beautiful people, too! The passion is real!

Aminda Edgar