Let there be fence

In reference to the perimeter fencing at the Stanton residence, I feel the entire community and the DRC should band together and support the Stantons. Chestnut Hill is very fortunate to have dedicated residents like the Stantons (and people like Richard Snowden), who maintain their properties so as to enhance their neighborhood and not detract from it.

How is this fencing negatively affecting anyone? The safety issue is bogus, being there are stop signs at the intersection and there is full visibility to both streets. This is just a case of City Hall bureaucracy bullying a citizen whom they know can be bullied. Why doesn’t L&I observe other parts of the city where there is no abiding of zoning regulations? They don’t visit these areas until the property collapses!

Are we going to drive another good neighbor out of Chestnut Hill? Perhaps the Stantons should have left their wood fence to just rot away and be a neighborhood eyesore for the next 10 years!

George C. Filippi

Chestnut Hill


SEPTA needs to relocate trash cans

At the SEPTA St. Martins Train Station there are several benches used by train passengers while waiting for the outgoing train to the city. During the rush hours of early morning the benches are very much used.

One of the benches in particular – the one located against SEPTA station building – has attracted my attention. It is regularly used but unfortunately it faces a large metal trash container. The distance of the container from the passengers seated on this bench is less than two feet.

It goes without saying that the placement of this container is very much wrong. When waiting for a train one should not be exposed to unpleasant odors and large number of flies, particularly on hot summer mornings.

Will the Local ask SEPTA to relocate the trash container to a less obtrusive location at the station. Thank you.

Diamantino P. Machado

Chestnut Hill


Another awesome Weird Waste Day

On Saturday, May 3, community members and businesses came to Norwood-Fontbonne Academy to recycle their “weird waste.” We collected over 10,000 pounds of computers, TVs, peripherals, and other electronic waste that will be responsibly recycled rather than ending up in a landfill or being sent to a developing nation.

Since 2009 we have collected over 68 tons of electronic waste!
We would like to thank the following people who helped make this event, organized by Green in Chestnut Hill (GRinCH), such an amazing success: Norwood-Fontbonne Academy for donating the use of their driveway, eForce Compliance (eforcecompliance.com) for their responsible recycling services, our volunteers Joan Martini, Lee Meinicke, Mansura Karim, Noreen Spota, Linda Rauscher and Zeta Cross and especially all of the community members and businesses who came to recycle their electronic waste. Nearly everyone made a donation toward our Green Warrior Student Grant Program too. Thank you!

Amy Edelman

GRinCH President


A ‘nay’ for BID board?

Although several excellent candidates have expressed an interest in offering their services to the BID board of directors, the President has nominated instead three candidates. The ballot has been distributed for agreement and requires a signature of the voter. What if we don’t like a candidate and write “Nay” in front of the name?

Stanley Woodward


George Woodward Co.

Chestnut Hill