Kudos to Weavers Way

I was out to get some lunch the other day and thought, “Let me stop at Weavers Way in Chestnut Hill. To anyone who wants delicious, dare I say gourmet lunch choices, this is the place to go. I am a vegetarian and a wannabe vegan, so I chose a seitan cheesesteak with fresh vegetables. To top it off,I sat outside on tables and chairs provided by the Co-op to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. It made for a superb lunch experience. I am proud to be a member of Weavers Way and proud that it has joined the Chestnut Hill community. Keep up the good work, Glenn (Bergman), and all the staff and members of Weavers Way.

Mary Ann Baron

Chestnut Hill


A rat responds to Hugh Gilmore

As a rat myself, I strongly object to Hugh Gilmore’s blanket condemnation of the entire rat race (“Report from the Rathole,” April 24). We rats are a strong, intelligent, extremely successful species that will undoubtedly outlive you highly combative, destructive humans.

Due to this unfairly negative content and other disparaging allusions in your paper, neither I nor any of my friends will continue to use the Local as nesting material in our rat holes. You humans really need to get your act together.

Charles E Cheese III

(translated by Jim Harris)



Appreciative of the “rathole” etymology

If you have a spot, I’d love to give kudos to Hugh’s great column of this week. Thanks!

Kudos to Hugh Gilmore for writing a hilarious, pointed and well-written column this week, regarding the “content rat-hole.” Now, thank goodness, I know exactly what the word means and that it is a noun and not a verb. That explains everything! And if I think I smelled a rat before, now I know I did.

Thank you Hugh for keeping me up on my grammar and word usage and also for helping me sort out the sad and ridiculous drama that besieges our wonderful paper on a regular basis. Maybe if we could get the dissension to go down the rat-hole, everything would be fine. Thanks again!”

Annie Hart

Chestnut Hill