by Pete Mazzaccaro

The Chestnut Hill Community Association reported the results of last week’s Board of Directors election for eight board seats, each with a three-year term. A total of 277 ballots were cast, but 40 were ruled invalid for being incomplete.
Four incumbents seeking reelection retained their seats. Marilyn Paucker, Jean Wedgwood, Elizabeth Bales and Bob Rossman will return to the board when the new term begins in May.
The four new members to the board will be Willard Detweiler, George Coates, Jr. Jason Bissonette and Samuel Earle. Detweiler, however, is not new to the board. He was president of the CHCA’s board in 1987 and 1988.
This is the first year since 2011 in which there have been more candidates than available seats for the board. That year, 18 candidates ran for eight seats. Also, 215 ballots were cast that year and 40 were ruled invalid for a total of 175.
This year’s 240 ballots represents about a 37 percent gain over 2011’s 175 votes. This year, there are approximately 1,600 members, meaning turnout was about 15 percent.
Ballot results
Elected:Willard Detweiler, 181; Marilyn Pauckwr, 157; Jean Wedgwood, 147; Elizabeth Bales, 144; George Coates, Jr., 135; Jason Bissonette, 124; Samuel Earle, 124, and Bob Rossman, 102.
Not elected:Remy Lorenzon-Pizzichini, 87; Lee Foulkrod, 65; Madeline Nist, 63; Louis Orazio II, 54, and Alexis Butcher-Dahlin, 34.

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