We don’t need another hero

We are fortunate to live in a great place. Chestnut Hill is a great place and yet, despite our inherent affluence, we apparently need heroes. Years ago the hero was a local developer, now apparently it’s the BID. Apparently the populace is weak and needs a hero. Heroes apparently seize on coincidental occurrences to help them justify them as heroes.

Two weeks ago the editor acknowledged the dilemma of those asked to pay more to support a BID that they may not yet appreciate. Unfortunately the Local did not delineate where the new borders were. This week a descendant of the Woodward dynasty said it was the unit blocks on either side of the Avenue. If true, the current, but questionable hero of the Avenue is trying to aspire to the glory of Thunderdome, except even they say, “We don’t need another hero.”

I suggest that Chestnut Hill is arguably an affluent neighborhood that can support a large retail base. I have observed for 25 years that it also draws from a wide area. It is widely known that many historically vacant sites are due to the whim of their owners, or the limits of acceptable zoning. None of those limitations can be cured by a BID, or by expanding their budget.

If the Woodward letter is correct – that the intent of the BID is to extend to the extent of the unit blocks – well then this is indeed a non-funny joke. Perhaps there originally was a slim majority that elected to approve this assessment. I have heard no request from those to be taxed that they want this. Despite recent misuse of the Tea Party phrase, this seems like taxation without representation.

Ed Budnick

Chestnut Hill


Vets who make house calls

For anyone looking for a vet who will do house calls, we are writing to recommend the extraordinary team of Jessica Avery, DVM, and Laura Muller, LVT, of Health in Home Veterinary Services (www.healthinhomevet.com; 267-828-4487). These dedicated women shepherded us through our almost-14-year-old dog’s final weeks with astonishing skill, professionalism and compassion.

Never stinting on time, they gave complete explanations and discerning analysis of each medical development, clearly laying out the options and considerations at each juncture. They came to our house on short notice, fully equipped with paraphernalia and medications, and developed an instant rapport with our dog and with us.

It was wonderful to be able to spare our dog stressful car rides to the vet’s office and to provide him with such excellent and compassionate care in the comforting surroundings of home.

Nancy and Peter Marvin

Chestnut Hill