CHHS volunteer Meredith Sonderskov and Executive Director Jennifer Hawk look up historic houses in the Historical Society's database.

CHHS volunteer Meredith Sonderskov and Executive Director Jennifer Hawk look
up historic houses in the Historical Society’s database.

When? The first Saturday of the month from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., starting on April 5, refreshments provided. Where? 8708 Germantown Avenue

Who Is It For? Everyone who loves Chestnut Hill and can’t get enough of its story. You’ll discover its history in the collections from the 1680s to the present. What’s more, you can zoom in on details about your home or your street through archives of architectural drawings, more than 8,200 photographic images, maps (including real estate atlases from the 1870s through the 1930s), prints, deeds, and diaries.

Curious about why virtually all of Chestnut Hill was accepted as a National Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places? Check out the 382 pages of details in the application’s inventory of buildings (including lists of past changes to buildings with dates, architects, and contractors).

Our Assistant Archivist and a trained board member will be at your side to guide you through the more than 20,000 items to find just the information you’re looking for. All research is free for everyone during First Saturday hours.

Committed to fixing up your home but aren’t sure exactly how to proceed? The Resource Center can help you bring out the best of your older home. Explore a list of contractors, consultants, suppliers, and other professionals who understand older buildings. Look into specific solutions such as how to safely remove lead-based paint or how to select appropriate colors for new paint.

Passionate about saving open space? investigate our accredited Easement Program and how the historical society saves open space and historic facades. Fascinated by native plants? Get a list of plants in our demonstration garden, which is recognized by both the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and by Audubon Pennsylvania.

Psyched about modern architecture? Look into our current exhibit about 20th Century Architecture, prepared for the 2013 program which attracted 630 people.

First Saturdays from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Chestnut Hill Historical Society is a new free event starting on April 5. We invite you to take advantage of one or more of its many dimensions.

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