A Photo Column by Steve Ladner

I love a graphic image, and I love to entertain, I shot this phone in a hotel lobby in NYC. I put it aside and rediscovered it months later. Then I wanted to transform the image to bring out a certain perhaps nostalgic feeling about that phone, to give it a dreamlike, cinematic flavor. This is a photograph but I have applied the tools available to the artist in this digital environment. I “painted over” the beige wallpaper behind the phone, and tweaked the colors so that it took on the quality I saw in my mind’s eye. So we have a retro phone that I remember from my childhood, and I married it to a future time that is now.

Steve was shooting fashion editorials and advertising campaigns in NYC for over 25 years. Clients included Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, French Vogue, Revlon, The NY Times, Saks Fifth Ave, and JC Penney. Steve lives in a West Mt Airy carriage house that also serves as a studio, and is still shooting portraits, editorials, and fine art.

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