Todd and Kim Stefan bid on Ping Pong Palooza.

Todd and Kim Stefan bid on Ping-Pong Palooza.

Festively clad NFA parents, Todd and Kim Stefan, considered their bid on “Ping-Pong Palooza,” artfully created by the fifth grade. The live auction item went for over a thousand dollars.

The “Roaring Twenties” set the stage for Norwood-Fontbonne Academy’s recent Razzmatazz Auction held at the Philadelphia Cricket Club. From feathers and fedoras to pinstripes and pearls, over 200 guests in era-inspired attire attended the gala.

The event showcased the tremendous commitment and collaboration of NFA’s parent community who organized all aspects of this bi-annual celebration. Students and parents joined in the creation of class auction gifts ranging from the artistic and unusual to the fun and functional.

“Ping-Pong Palooza,” a donation from the fifth grade, was a big hit during the live auction. The artfully designed full-size ping-pong set included a personalized table, paddles picturing the students, and custom ping-pong balls with the NFA logo.

“Our Razzmatazz event, ‘The Roaring Twenties,’ hails our birth as an academy in 1920,” explained Sr. Mary Helen Beirne, NFA’s Head of School, during the festivities. “Sponsored by the outstanding work of our parent association, we dance to great music, delight in delicious food, and make lots of auction purchases as together we support the future of our excellent school!”

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