by Emily Vanneman

Parents will soon have some new choices for their children’s wardrobes when Greene Street Consignment opens a special children’s collection at its Avenue shop.

Greene Street has been in business for more than 20 years and now has 10 locations. All of the stores offer recycled clothing, shoes and accessories for adult men and women. This will be the first children’s location for Greene Street, and the planned opening day is April 1.

“I have always thought about all of the money people spend on clothing for their children that has such a short shelf-life, as kids outgrow their clothing so quickly,” said Lynne Mastrilli, owner of Greene Street. “It has been something that I have wanted to try for a long time, and now just feels right.”

Mastrilli is also planning to open other children’s collections in the store’s popular locations in Princeton and Bryn Mawr.

“We have had many requests from our existing consignment customer bases in those locations to expand into the children’s market,” she said.

The new children’s section will be housed in a new store at 8518 Germantown Ave.

“Our adult store at 8524 Germantown has been tremendous for us and is very successful, which is why we recently opted to expand the square footage in that space,” she said.

Mastrilli’s long-standing success with the store in Chestnut Hill was one of many reasons why she chose it as the kick-start location.

“I picked Chestnut Hill for so many reasons,” Mastrilli said. “I live in Chestnut Hill, and I really love it here, so that is reason number one. But in walking around town, I see so many families, and there are very few places for them to shop, so I am hoping to fill a void in that market.”

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