Ken Ulansey

Ken Ulansey

The Center for Enrichment is sponsoring “Good Heavens!” or Astronomy 101 on Four Mondays at 11 a.m. beginning Mar. 3, and held at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, 8855 Germantown Ave.

The classes will be lead by Dr. Albert Lamperti, a retired professor of Histology and Neuroanatomy (University of Cincinnati and Temple University Schools of Medicine) for whom astronomy has been “just a hobby” and a passion for 30 years. Topics to be discussed are: scale of the cosmos and a 3-D tour of the universe, space rocks, moon phases and supernovas. Tuition is $30. For more information and to register call the CHCE office at 215-248-0180.

The second class is called “Musical Roots & Branches,” which will take place on four consecutive Wednesdays at 2:30, p.m. beginning March 12, in the CHCE living room, 8431 Germantown Ave.

Over the course of four weeks you will learn how to listen to and fall in love with less familiar musical traditions from around the world and some American jazz and classical selections. The class will be led by Ken Ulansey, a world class musician trained on many instruments, and most identified with the saxophone and clarinet.

He has traveled the world, playing classical at Lincoln Center, jazz at Newport, folk for the Philadelphia Folk Festival, improv at the Taj Mahal. Kenny is well known for his dance and klezmer bands, as well as for producing and performing on the CD’s of other artists and ensembles. Tuition is $60. For more information and to register, call the CHCE office at 215-248-0180.

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