A Hiller ‘discovers’ Chestnut Hill Hotel

I have had the pleasure of living in Chestnut Hill for almost 14 years now. I have watched my two children experience all the great things this community offers families: the sports at CHYSC, the 4th of July parade and wonderful day of games, and of course Halloween.

When the kids were little we would spend an entire day walking the avenue. Pizza at Cosimo’s, playing at O ’Doodles toy store and hours at the Jenks Playground.

Now the kids are older and life is very busy with different types of activities. So busy in fact that I sometimes lose sight of the great things I have just outside my front porch. The recent weather forced me to slow down and stay local. The ice storm and subsequent blackout meant I didn’t go far at all. Instead I got to experience the very best Chestnut Hill has to offer. I spent time with my neighbors at the Chestnut Hill Grill.

I found a warm place to stay at the beautifully renovated Chestnut Hill Hotel. Everyone at the hotel warmly embraced the customers desperately looking for a warm place to bring their kids and other loved ones. The next morning the Farmers’ Market was a place to get a warm breakfast, coffee and smiles.

We are very lucky to live in such a great community. I encourage everyone to frequent these amazing local businesses. Spend a Saturday morning having coffee at the market and then shop for delicious food.

The renovations are incredible. The people are the best. Eat at the Grill and Tavern on the Hill. Send out-of-town visitors to the hotel. Walk and enjoy everything the Hill has to offer without ever having to dig your car out of the snow!

Linda Howell

Chestnut Hill


Good electricians are worth a lot

I have little knowledge of the mechanics behind running a diner, but love the results if corned beef is involved. I do however have significant knowledge of the craft and science of building and have respect for the journeymen that can make things happen. I have had to replace incompetent electricians with teams that can get things done – over a weekend.

Ken Weinstein, locally renown as a restauranteur, apparently self- anointed as a developer, has decided that a 30 percent premium for hiring competent electricians is too much. He wants those dollars in his pocket rather than in IBEW workers. I acknowledge the possibility of Mr. Weinstein being the best grillmaster in Northwest Philadelphia, but as developers, retauranters often fall short.

They allocate funds to the front of the house. Cool, except when the back of the house, the electrics, alarms and life safety systems might be compromised. And again, I had to intervene, to bring these up to acceptable standards.

Admittedly, I don’t know if there are deficiencies in the Weinstein development. I do however suggest that the IBEW workers would not install inferior systems and their 30 percent premium is justified.

Ed Budnick

Chestnut Hill