The Community Needs Committee of the First United Methodist Church of Germantown (FUMCOG) is again seeking to fund grant proposals from the local community. All proposals are welcome and are reviewed by a committee of church members.

Funds from special offerings contributed by the congregation at Easter will be divided among the selected applicants. FUMCOG expects to award grants of several hundred to a few thousand dollars to help facilitate worthy community endeavors.

Selection criteria in awarding grants include the size of the population to be served, the nature of the services provided, and expected benefits to the community. Individuals or groups with projects that promote social justice or community improvement, especially in the Northwest Philadelphia area, are encouraged to apply.

Grants from previous Easter and Christmas collections have been awarded on a nondenominational basis to a diverse group of applicants for a wide variety of causes. Monies from the recent Christmas collection were used to support services for disabled homeless men, help start a new job training effort and increase the number of farmers’ markets in underserved areas.

Application forms can be obtained by calling the office of First United Methodist Church of Germantown at 215-438-3677, or by downloading a form online at

Completed proposals must be returned to the church office at 6001 Germantown Ave., no later than Friday March 21, 2014. A copy of the applicant’s 501(c)(3) certification should be included with the application. Recipients will be notified of their selection by April 13.

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