At its meeting on Jan. 23, the CHCA board of directors selected the following people to serve on the 2014 Nominating Committee: Elizabeth Bales, Stephanie Chomentowski, Tom Cullen, and Larry McEwen.

This year’s committee is chaired by immediate past president Jane Piotrowski and will nominate candidates for CHCA president, vice president for Operations, vice president for the Physical Division, vice president for the Social Division, secretary, and treasurer.

Officers are up for election every year. The committee will also nominate candidates for the five at-large members of the Executive Committee (who serve one-year terms).

In addition, Stephanie Chomentowski and Jay Valinis were appointed as co-chairs of the 2014 CHCA Election and Voting Procedures Committee. This committee works with the vice president for Operations to ensure that all proper nominations, elections, and voting processes are followed.

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