Combining social studies, science, and language arts classes, Norwood-Fontbonne Academy sixth graders are learning many things about the ancient Egyptians. Scholarly reading and engaging hands-on activities help them discover more deeply the ancient Egyptian process of mummification. Recently, they prepared their own mummy (using a grocery store chicken!)—mimicking an ancient process—that will take up to 70 days to complete. According to English Language Arts teacher, Victoria DiMassa, “students are engaging in this activity to better comprehend not only the mummification process, but also the role of religious belief in the Egyptian culture, the social structure, and the importance of the pharaoh.” Applying their knowledge and imagination, they will create symbolic amulets for their mummy and a decorative funeral box, known as a sarcophagus, for proper storage. As a means of self-study, the students are also developing a Jeopardy!-style game to review what they have learned about ancient Egypt.

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