‘Important event’ omitted from list

I read of all the important events of 2013 listed in the Local over the past two weeks.

I see one very important event that occurred in our neighborhood that was overlooked, namely that in the Wissahickon Park, our neighborhood park where we walk with our families and enjoy the privilege of taking in the sights and sounds of nature. It has again been violated by the killing of the deer, which began in December 2013. January is the anniversary of the 2,500 deer killed in the Wissahickon Valley since 1999.

This event surely deserves comment in the events of 2013 article. Inhumane killing of the deer in our neighborhood is an outrage and must be at least recognized before it can be stopped.

Mary Ann Baron, Co-Founder 

Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer, Chestnut Hill

Why not ‘houses of worship’?

The Rev. Jarrett Kerbel’s letter in the Dec. 26 issue about POWER was informative and inspiring. Too bad the headline was not in keeping with the spirit of the organization! Couldn’t you have written “houses of worship” instead of “churches”?

Terry R. Clark

Chestnut Hill