The Metropolitan Bakery is set to close Jan. 10 after 15 years of business on the Avenue.

The Metropolitan Bakery is set to close Jan. 10 after 15 years of business on the Avenue.

According to a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Bakery, the shop in Chestnut Hill will close this Friday, Jan. 10, after a 15-year run on the Avenue. The closure is said to come at the end of the shop’s lease.

Despite its closure, the bakery will still have a presence on the Hill. It will open up a stand at the Chestnut Hill Farmer’s Market and offer many of the same products it offers at its Reading Terminal location: breads, pastries and packaged goods. The opening date has not yet been determined.

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  • breadhead

    I think it’s a shame to lose Metropolitan Bakery in Chestnut Hill and it’s due to their greedy landlord raising his lease rates to an uncomfortable high for this small business. Metropolitan is a better bread baker than the other bread company down the street and it is always busy in there. While Metropolitan is considering a move to the old Chestnut Hill Farmer’s Market, that location is far more off the beaten path and only open 3 days a week. I am very disappointed in the loss of another excellent food establishment in C.H., as should be the Chestnut Hill Business Association. But their heads are so far up their butts that I doubt it phased any one of them.

    • Have a clue

      First you blame the land lord and then blame the Business Association? I think your head is farther up in your keister!

      • youmustnotbakebreadreally

        Amen !!!
        This comes as no surprise. The manager is not a pleasant woman, and when I was in there, the employee’s spoke freely as to how uninvested she was. I also waited a good 5 minutes while she was in the back room having a ‘chat’. And when she came out, she also was not very pleasant AT ALL. I was inquiring about a p/t job they had an opening for, she was hardly even interested in looking at me to give me info lol. I found it amusing. I make breads myself, so taste tested a few over the next week to see if I could get behind it…they sell their brioche for $6 and change…a huge loaf, and I found that odd how they could afford to do that, until I tasted it! It was the color of regular bread…meaning, doubtful any more than one egg yolk was in it…and it was not rich at all. Like a regular yeast, flour, and water bread. Also, they do no baking on premises…all done in warehouse….which tells them when things are available. In this economy, to tell a customer, let alone a Chestnut Hill customer, that the can’t get their dinner rolls tonight (I know you are having the mayor over, but so?!!!)…because they aren’t made until Thursday, is just nuts. I interviewed and was told by friends not to take the job because it would frustrate me to sell such a bad product…but I liked the idea and thought some improvements could be made to help them survive in this economical climate. I wish the owner luck. My goodness, not surprising at all….one employee there, a man in his 30’s/40’s maybe(?)…is SUPERB there! VERY good with customers, knows the product, and just a great experience dealing with him. I forget his name…anybody would be lucky to have him as an employee.

        They are a warehouse, this particular owner bought and licensed the name. It’s just not surprising. In bad economies…these things weed out…so end of lease, time to go if you cant pull in a profit. Farmstand is a good idea…

        • breadhead

          I disagree with you and if you have ever been down to Bker Street where they do bake on premises, they are not so accommodating either. Who cares that Metropolitan bakes elsewhere, the bread is of better quality than just about anything else you can find locally. You also appear to have a bug up your a– because they didn’t hire you.

          • youmustnotbakebreadreally

            LMAOOOO… you are amusing to me. I bake better bread…are you the owner haha? Silly wabbit, tricks are for kids. If you have an issue with CHCA, hey…mosey on down to the town hall and discuss…see if and what they did. Stop complaining. Their bread ehhhhh….ain’t that great….if you’ve ever made bread lol. And trust me when I tell you, no bug here 🙂 I can’t stop laughing at your sheer inability to comprehend good bread, a the very least. But that’s okay, a lot of people don’t. To you, it IS good bread is my guess. Also, perhaps, and maybe, you have a little crustacean or something up your nosey poo because maybe you had a bad experience with Bowman…if in fact they are the property owners. I don’t; know. Take it up with them. If you are going to complain, then produce a solution. And if you actually read what I said, you would realize I was the one advised not to take the job due to my integrity level when it comes to products like baking. Thing is, many don’t seem to even know anymore what good food is. Oh well… what can you do? My question to you is, why are you so adamant at others? And why are you so pissed off in general? I am interested in that. My opinions are based on being a seasoned, trained, well educated person who specializes in baking, and mgt. I find your reactions something I would like research!! Are you the manager hahahaha? Kidding. Try to calm down…and have a good night dear. My goodness lol. And thanks for the entertainment. Hey, perhaps you could volunteer at the CHCA, and that way your say would actually matter, as opposed to this typical rant. Wait, did you have a business go under? Is that why you are so sensitive? Hmmm…anyhoooo… seriously, volunteer, take your mind off. Now let me guess, you will reply now because you need the last, angry, hateful, spiteful, pissed off word lmaoooo. I’m due back at the planet Earth now…

          • breadhead


          • youmustnotbakebreadreally

            Have you ever considered that maybe they did help, and the owner just decided no? Do you know the owner? Or are your complaints just speculation?

      • breadhead

        I blame the landlord first for purposely pricing this business out of their property, and the Community Association for not working harder to see how they can help this small business remain. This is right off the Association’s web page, “One of the most important roles of the CHCA is to offer guidance to businesses and homeowners who wish to develop properties in the neighborhood. The charm and visual appeal of Chestnut Hill’s shopping district does not happen by chance. It is maintained through the volunteer vigilence of the CHCA’s Development Review Committees, including Land Use Planning and Zoning; Traffic, Transportation and Parking; and Streetscape.” Well???

  • Mr_Underhill

    Another hope and change economic recovery story.

  • JT

    Supply and demand…. How much can one pay for a loaf of bread….? With the farmers market I bet they see a better profit margin!

  • Van Gogh Be Damned

    I looked in to opening a wine shop in CH to go with an art gallery I was going to open. Way too expensive.

  • Bambieee

    I went there a couple of times and (yawwwn), it was nothing special. For those blaming the landlord – trust me, those guys don’t make money when their properties are vacant. Those guys make money when naive business owners, without a solid business plan, sign a lease to rent out their store front that they (the landlords) have invested minimally in to barely bring them up to code. So long as there are business owners willing to rent out places that are way out of line $, there will be happy landlords!